Lots of fun was had at our annual Quilt Time (QT) gathering,  with lasagna and/or turkey dinner, games, gifts, Secret Santa, door prizes. People brought hand sewing, knitting, applique, needlepoint and quilts to finish! Congratulations to our VP Linda who organized the day – and to our past president Marilyn for a great brain teaser quiz that kept us all on our toes. It was indeed a great day.

2 thoughts on “QT 2018 WrapUp!

  1. HI Loree, Thank you for the feedback. It will be forwarded to the executive.

  2. /I am glad that the QT went well. Have you considered the fact that some of the members are unavailable during the day and might want to attend? You could consider holding it one year in the day and the next in the evening? We have never done it that way is not a good answer.

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