Join us in June when two of Canada’s top quilt judges will be in town to give us the inside scoop on quilt judging.

Joyce Brown and Judy Villett, both Certified Judges and QJCP Instructors (Quilt Judges Certification Program offered by CQA) are coming straight to Perth from their week teaching and judging at Quilt Canada in Ottawa.

The Introduction to Quilt Judging workshop should interest anyone thinking about entering a judged quilt show, organizing a show, or becoming a quilt judge. It is a stand-alone workshop for those wanting a basic understanding of judging. It is also Module l of the CQA/ACC Quilt Judge Certification Program and will be credited as such if registrants wish to continue in the program. The QJCP is growing, with a strong base of certified judges and apprentices. It is an internationally-recognized certification that already includes judges from Canada and the USA.

Date: Monday, June 17 at the Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Registration begins at our March meeting.  Flyers will be available at the program table.

Questions? Contact Linda Lake or Marlene Starkman

2 thoughts on “New Workshop: What was the judge thinking?

  1. Hi Anna, You’ve been added to the list! See you in April.

  2. Hi, Yes, a great idea. I would really like to take this workshop but will be enjoying sunny Mexico for the next 2 weeks. Please could you add my name to the list? I could pay at the April meeting or earlier if you wish. What would the guild think of sending Heather Buchan, who does so much judging locally, to the workshop the guild’s expense ? Anna


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