We have some beautiful member submissions for the CQAs Gateway to Adventure Challenge.
It’s now time to cast your vote.
We would usually do this at our monthly Guild meeting.  Since that’s not possible this year, we are asking members only to vote via email or text.
You’ll find the 4 entries, with pictures and artist statement of each entry below.

1 – Importance

  • Artist Statement: This place could have been called My Happy Place, Calmness, Home or many other things, but I hope it makes the viewer stop and consider what should be important to them.

2 – Garden Dreams

  • Artist Statement: I found this fabric, black and white, weird stripes and flowers and all I could think of was gardening. Tis the season, robins on the ground looking for worms, flowers starting to bloom. It definitely takes your mind off everything that is happening.

3 – Sky Diving

  • Artist Statement: For over 20years,have planned to go skydiving for special  occasion. For various reasonsit hasn’t happened yet. I really thought that this would be the year. However, with COVID-19 restrictionsleaping out of a perfectly good airplane remaina dream for me. Thiis based on a photo that a friend took of me pretending to jump out of a plane.


4 – Africa

  • Artist Statement: Of all the placethat I’ve travelled, my trips to Africa were the onethat felt took me to a new and totally different world.       They were gateway” to different landscapes,customs, animals, and plants.  Hence, when think of gateways, think of Africa.


Please submit your vote via email to Cathy Price or text her cell phone. (You’ll find her number in the guild member directory).
Deadline for you to vote is June 10th!
Enjoy !