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  1. Hello Nancy: I’m not sure about the table runner you saw as it has been some time and we didn’t do a video of the show pieces in 2013. The wall hanging with the messages was done by someone I know and she got the idea from a book that I also have. It’s called “Quilting Line + Color” by Yoshiko Jinzenji. It’s available on and the price is really quite cheap. It also has many other contemporary quilts as well. If you have a specific question, maybe I can help.

  2. Hi
    I attended the quilt show last year, great
    I saw a table runner – it was beige log cabin design with antique doilies on it…it was in the hall way.
    My question: do you know how the doilies were attached, i.e. just stitched by hand or machine or did they have a fine netting over them?
    also: the little wall hanging on your left going into one of the rooms, – the white with red hidden message. Do you think you could pass this message or my e-mail onto the person that made it. I would like to ask her a few questions. I plan on making a quilt for my grandson as he goes off to university; and wanted to add a secret message. thanks
    look forward to your show in 2015.

  3. Kemptville Fabrics is closing it’s doors….

    50% off fabric, yarn, notions.
    Please see store for details

  4. I was at the Tay Quilt Show with my sister and mother. Had a great time. Beautiful quilts. Great vendors area. Learned things at the demonstrations and enjoyed the food (although they were out of soup and quiche pretty quickly). Thank you for all your hard work. We’ll definitely go again in 2 years.

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